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The IRS has launched its PEO certification website, which includes an overview of the PEO certification program, program eligibility requirements, and instructions on how to apply for IRS PEO certification. The IRS portal for PEO certification is also open, and the first draft of the PEO surety bond form has been released.  

To help you with the certification process, NAPEO has created a list of things to do to prepare for IRS certification, as well as a roadmap for certification, which covers the various requirements of PEO certification. It contains the individual requirements your PEO must meet to certify with the IRS, along with links to the instructions on how to comply with the specific PEO certification application provisions. We also have prepared a summary of the regulationsa summary of Revenue Procedure 2016-33 governing PEO certification issued by the IRS, and a summary of Revenue Procedure 2017-14. Additionally, we've ​uploaded screenshots of the application ​forms from a potential applicant to provide insight into how the process works.

The effective date of certification will typically be the first day of the first calendar quarter following the date of the notice of certification. However, the effective date of certification for a CPEO applicant that submits a complete and accurate application before ​October 1, 2016, and is certified will be January 1, 2017, even if the date of its notice of certification is after January 1, 2017.

For general questions about PEO certification, feel free to contact NAPEO General Counsel Farrah Fielder​ or NAPEO Vice President of Federal Government Affairs Thom Stohler. If you have specific questions about certification and how its specific requirements affect your PEO, you should contact an outside counsel, accountant, or other trusted business advisor.

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