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Booth Space Guidelines

  1. Exhibitors display materials are not allowed to obstruct the sight lines of neighboring exhibitors or to adversely affect the displays of other exhibitors as determined by NAPEO.

  2. No part of any display in a standard in-line linear booth or middle of the row booth may be higher than 10 feet at the back wall and 4 feet on the side dividers along the aisles.

  3. Display fixtures over 4 feet in height must be confined to 4 feet of the backline of the booth. All fixtures taller than 4’ must be confined to the back 4’ of your exhibit space – this is to ensure you do not block the line of sight into your neighbors’ booths. This includes signs or banner stands, monitors, speakers, etc. (Please read sections 13 and 14 for more detail about booth layout and exhibitor conduct.)

  4. The actual usable exhibit area for use by exhibitor is reduced by 6 inches for each linear 10’ of exhibit space (i.e., a 10’ length x 10’ width space has 9'6" x 9'6" of usable area). (i.e., a 6’ length x 10’ width space has 5’6” x 9’6” of useable area).

  5. Displays and exhibits in public view are required to be appropriately finished on all sides and surfaces. If such surfaces remain unfinished at the start of the Marketplace, NAPEO may authorize the official decorator to effect the necessary finishing and the exhibitor will be required to pay all costs involved.

  6. Exhibitors may NOT begin tear-down prior to the close of Marketplace earlier than 7:30 pm on Thursday, September 7, 2017. Exhibitors may not tear down or dismantle any part of its display while the exhibit hall is open.

  7. If you require early departure please arrange to discuss alternative arrangement options in advance, which may be coordinated with the show decorator. Contact Nancy Benoudiz with more options prior to dismantling your exhibit.

  8. The function space is fully carpeted.

  9. Please view the NAPEO’s 2017 Exhibit Space Rental Agreement for additional exhibitor terms and view NAPEO’s official floor plan to view your location. 

booth diagram1                boothdiagram2