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Event Overview

11/15/18: Increasing Sales with LinkedIn

Nov 15, 2018
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM EST

LinkedIn is the world’s largest Business Networking platform with over 300,000,000 users and more than three new professionals joining per second. What are the most effective uses of LinkedIn as a lead generation, business development, brand management and revenue producing tool?  

Kevin Knebl will share these actionable strategies:

* Why LinkedIn should be a strategic component of your business process
* How to create robust profiles that highlight you and your business
* How to identify and connect with prospective clients, customers, networking partners
   and strategic alliances
* Methods of communicating with millions of people that result in greater visibility for
   you and your business
* How to showcase your credibility and add value to your network
* The art of building and converting online relationships into offline business, which            leads to long-term success and revenue growth 

Please join us on Thursday, November 15, at 3:00 pm ET for this informative webinar. 



Who Should Attend
  • All NAPEO members.

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