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PEO Risk Management: THE BIG PICTURE

There is a certain art to PEO risk management. It’s easy to immerse yourself in the details of your programs, looking in really close to see the minute brush strokes and subtleties of the composition. While it is absolutely necessary to do this, it often helps, however, to step back and take a look at the big picture, put everything in context.

And the big picture for PEOs is pretty big. Developing a long-term strategy for managing all the risks the PEO must manage requires context.

Putting PEOs in the context of the various insurance markets, there is now a limited but stable market of carriers who work with PEOs. Through, for example, the market challenges of the early 2000s in workers’ compensation, PEOs learned underwriting discipline, and are now better poised to respond to changes in the marketplace. PEOs can synchronize these advantages with their larger business strategies, for example, matching investment in loss control to the client base or leveraging the workers’ comp program in support of acquisitions.

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Revisiting ‘The E Myth’

I want to admit up front that I have a problem: most everything I read has some type of a PEO application, regardless of its content. Some say that I could read a Dr. Seuss book (“Green Eggs and Ham” is my favorite) and come away with at least three good PEO sales ideas.


Reducing Your UI Tax Rate

In the current economy, PEOs are struggling to keep every penny they earn. One expense that is often overlooked is the unemployment tax rate. A PEO executive at a NAPEO event in Tampa told me, “We have no control over what happens with our unemployment claims. We are at the mercy of the case manager.”

Legal Currents

Florida’s Approach to the Legislative Process

I have been involved in drafting legislation for the PEO industry in Florida since 1986. During these 26 years, the PEO industry has successfully passed legislation pertaining to unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation exclusive remedy, an exemption from Florida’s short-lived sales tax on services, PEO licensure, tort reform, and a myriad of other significant PEO bills.

Human Resources

Discipline from a Distance

Imagine a scenario in which you are responsible and possibly even liable for the proper human resources management of a company, yet you have little to no power to actually ensure the correct procedures, decisions, or actions are carried out.


Special Report

Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Law William J. Schilling, Esq.

On June 28, 2012, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or ACA) as constitutional.

Statehouse Update

State Spotlight: New York Tim Tucker

NAPEO recently held a New York Leadership Council Forum in Albany. It was as great meeting. The vast majority of NAPEO members in the state were represented and a central agenda item was discussion of the climate for PEOs operating in the state.

The PEO Files

Serving the Transportation and Logistics Niche

If you happen to be a driver with a company who is a client of The TLC Companies, you have the chance to be a real top dog. Serving the trucking/transportation/logistics industry, TLC’s comprehensive safety program zeroes in on helping client companies and drivers learn and review safety rules and practices.

Small Business Perspective

No One Tells Your Story Better Than You Dan Danner

Got your eye on a new way to expand your business? See a sure move to beat competitors?

PEOs in the Community

A Business of the Community for the Community Angela M. Heim

When I purchased The Employer Group, Inc. in 2007, I had many things in mind for the company, and like any business owner, growth was the mainstay of my plan. However, my ideas about growth weren’t merely the usual operational plans and financial statements.

NAPEO Notebook

Making Friends, Forging Alliances Patrick J. Cleary

This has been a busy month of travel for me. Over a three-week span, I traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina, for Carrie Aaron’s inSYNC Summit VI, then to Austin, Texas, for our Texas Leadership Council Forum, to Salt Lake City and Provo to visit our Utah members, and then to Palo Alto, California, for our CEO Forum.

NAPEO Advisor

Employment App Questions, COBRA Waivers, Burden Shifting, Social Media Policies, Discrimination William J. Schilling, Esq.

Q. Are there questions to avoid on employment applications?

The Inside Word

Steps Forward in Realizing the PEO Industry’s Potential Arthur L. Geiger 2012 NAPEO Chairperson President & Chief Executive Officer Avitus Group Billings, Montana

Successful and sustainable transformation efforts require leaders to manage change. Two years ago, NAPEO’s Board of Directors underwent a significant self-evaluation in an effort to understand the association’s stakeholders (NAPEO members, the industry, and the association), to communicate with them what needed to be accomplished, and to create a compelling vision that would motivate all of them.

Innovation Alley

Why We Started a Blog to Market our PEO Kevin Gramian

In the last 10 years, an attractive and functional web page has become a PEO marketing tool that goes without saying. Now, web logs, or blogs, go without saying as well.

Global Insights

Innovation Can Spur and Sustain Our Recovery Tom Donohue

Innovation is what keeps our economy humming, our businesses hiring, and our standard of living improving. With unemployment persistently high and economic growth sputtering, we need more innovation to spur and sustain our recovery.

Employment Law

Applying Federal Discrimination Law to Gender Identity Kerim Fidel, Esq.

The law of sex discrimination is rooted in the seemingly straightforward objective of achieving fairness and equality between men and women. It has become apparent, however, that the world cannot simply be divided into two sexes. Gender identity is increasingly being addressed in law.

Capitol Comment

The Political Fallout of the Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold PPACA Thom Stohler

The Supreme Court decision about the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or ACA) affects not only the legality of this law. It has a large impact on the legislative agenda of Congress, the regulatory agenda of the federal government, and this year’s presidential and congressional elections.

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