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Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

Much of what PEOs do for their clients and worksite employees is invisible, behind the scenes. The better the PEO is at all of the complex services it needs to provide, the more invisible it is. 
Does the typical client really know what a rock star the PEO is?

A seamless customer experience certainly goes a long way towards enhancing the rock star image. This experience begins with the digital plumbing, databases, servers, applications, and network infrastructures behind it all. Smooth integration of databases and software applications—plus customization for each client—support a user-friendly interface for PEO clients and worksite employees. These technologies also weed out 
inefficiencies and redundancies within the PEO, enhancing the PEO’s profitability as well.

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Good Business, Bad Business

My father taught me a great deal about business and relationships. The one business principle that has always stuck is, “The only thing worse than no business at all is bad business.”

Legal Currents

California PEO Survival Guide

California is the land of opportunity, and liability. The good news for PEOs is that California businesses really need PEOs to help them comply with California’s mountain of red tape. The challenge for the PEO is keeping up with California’s many laws and regulations, including the various new laws that just went into effect. California is also a bellwether state, so things going on there are bound to crop up in other states sooner or later.

Human Resources

Is Your PEO in Need of an HR Technology Upgrade?

As you look for enhanced service offerings for your clients and employees, a technology upgrade may be one of your considerations. But does the idea of implementing or upgrading your human resources management system (HRMS) scare you? If so, you certainly are not alone.


Statehouse Update

NAPEO 2012 Government Affairs Leadership Award Recipient: Greg Packer Tim Tucker

Greg Packer, chief executive officer of AccessPoint based in Novi, Michigan, is the recipient of the NAPEO 2012 Government Affairs Leadership Award. The award was presented by NAPEO Board Chairman Art Geiger during the association’s annual Legal & Legislative Conference, held in Arlington, Virginia, on May 22.

Small Business Perspective

We Won’t Be Intimidated Dan Danner

As you may have heard, a high-ranking U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official stepped down from his position [recently] after comparing EPA regulatory enforcement to crucifixion during Roman times.

PEO Stories

Nextep Celebrates 15 Years of Operations Brian Fayak

This summer, Nextep will celebrate its 15th anniversary. During those 15 years, we have experienced many challenges and growing pains, but we have always stayed true to our guiding principles.

PEO Index

Co-Employed Companies Adding New Employees John Slavic

The PEO Employment Index reflects in this latest release a continued strengthening among PEO client companies. The upward trend beginning in 2010 reveals that co-employed companies are adding new employees as the economy in general has improved.

PEOs in the Community

FrankCrum Golf Tournament Benefits Hungry Brigitte B. Becker

For golfers, the opportunity to play in February is rare. Even more rare is the opportunity to play on a tournament-ready course such as Copperhead in Innisbrook, home to the PGA Transitions Tournament.

NAPEO Notebook

Making Friends, Forging Alliances Patrick J. Cleary

Two months ago in this space, I sketched out “The Wedding Cake,” a schematic of my view of how things get done in Washington. At the bottom of the pyramid—the beginning of the process—is “audience education,” spreading the word about PEOs to our key audiences. It’s a topic you’ll be reading more about in this space in the months and years to come. In the next box is “ally development,” i.e., reaching out to groups who can be our allies on business and policy issues as well. I am happy to report that our ally development work has begun in earnest.

NAPEO Advisor

Employment Non-Discrimination Act, FMLA Forms William J. Schilling, Esq.

Q. Was ENDA ever enacted and, if not, what are its prospects?

The Inside Word

Keeping Up With Change Arthur L. Geiger 2012 NAPEO Chairperson President & Chief Executive Officer Avitus Group Billings, Montana

NAPEO’s annual Legal & Legislative Conference, held May 21 and 22 in Arlington, Virginia, was an event that should not have been missed. We are an industry where the only constant is change.

Innovation Alley

Leveraging PEO Experience and Financial Discipline Celeste D. Dockery and Keith W. Reeves

Century Employer Organization’s (CEO’s) story is not unlike many entrepreneurs’ American dreams, except that both founders have already lived their own individual American dreams as defined in any business school course. We are now using what we learned from our previous successes and together are embarking on a new course: to create an industry-leading company built on core values of truly value-added client service, financial discipline and stability, and strong commitments to all our employees, our community, and sustainability programs.

Global Insights

Economic Espionage in Cyberspace—A Real and Growing Threat Thomas J. Donohue

To many, “economic espionage” sounds like a good plot twist in a blockbuster action film or in a best-selling crime novel. But it is a fact—not fiction—that organized criminals, “hacktivists,” and some foreign governments are spying and stealing in cyberspace.

Capitol Comment

NAPEO Members Promote PEO Industry on Capitol Hill Thom Stohler

On May 21 and 22, NAPEO members met with 40 congressional offices as part of the Legal & Legislative Conference.


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