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Special PEO Legal and Regulatory Issue

If there ever were an industry that needs to stay on the straight and narrow, the PEO business is it. Even more challenging, PEOs need to keep their clients there as well. In a sense, that is the PEO’s business. Laws and regulations affect almost everything the PEO does: HR, benefits, workers’ comp, payroll, and taxes. Straying from the right path in the complex maze of federal government agency enforcement and the labyrinth of state laws has significant consequences, which can lead the PEO and its clients to substantial financial penalties and a figurative dead end. For guidance, please perusePEO Insider’s® annual update of the complicated, perpetually changing legal and regulatory framework in which PEOs must operate. Know More



The PEO Files

Partnership-Minded Strategy

Company Background: G&A Partners provides human resources, benefits, payroll administration, and risk management for growing companies, but that’s not what Tony Grijalva and John Allen originally set out to do.

Statehouse Update

The Nuances of the State Legislative Process Tim Tucker

It is widely acknowledged that the PEO business model is highly complex with multiple facets—some independent, some intertwined. A great challenge the industry faces in growing market share is creating a broad understanding of the PEO model within our target markets that culminates in increased use of PEOs by small and medium-sized businesses.

PEOs in the Community

Giving Back Through Veterans Airlift Command Abram Finkelstein

I have had the good fortune to use personal aircraft for my business travel for more than 12 years. In that time, I have sought ways to use the airplanes in other ways, as well.

NAPEO Notebook

The Tampa Chronicles Patrick J. Cleary

During my 10 years at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), I spent probably a day a week outside the Beltway visiting with members. To me, it was the fun part of the job. It is all too easy to become consumed by the myopia of the day-to-day operations and to live in a world that ends at the edges of your desk—or in Washington D.C.

NAPEO Advisor

Hiring Fairness, Protected Actions and Retaliation William J. Schilling, Esq.

Q. Is there a formula for assuring fairness in promotion and hiring?

The Inside Word

NAPEO Membership: Investment, Value, Involvement Arthur L. Geiger 2012 NAPEO Chairperson President & Chief Executive Officer Avitus Group Billings, Montana

First and foremost, I would like to thank each of you for your investment in NAPEO membership for 2012. As a member since 1996, I have found great value in my investment and trust that you will have an equally positive experience with your membership.

Innovation Alley

Reduce Client Medical Costs by Using a Section 105 Plan Richard Kiracofe and Lonnie Kiracofe

In an environment of ever-increasing health insurance premiums, we have found a very effective solution for reducing our clients’ premiums while not increasing their employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Global Insights

Happy Tax Day—No, Really! Thomas J. Donohue

Tax Day is upon us [as of this writing]—and you should enjoy it. Why? As painful as it may be to write this year’s check to Uncle Sam, it could be the smallest check you’ll write for years to come.

Capitol Comment

The Roots of Advocacy Thom Stohler

Advocacy. Government relations. Grassroots: All advocacy terms of art that define activity designed to promote and protect the interests of groups of like-minded individuals.


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