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Thrust • Lift • Stability

Making Sales Soar

When making a paper airplane, crisp, even folds in the right places will generally result in an airplane that will fly straight, even soar. It may be a simple, traditional paper airplane design or a more elaborate and complicated one, but following the plan and correctly executing the folds are key. When you finish your plane and fly it, the throw gives it thrust, the wing shape gives it lift, and the symmetry gives it stability.

Thrust, lift, and stability are vital in your PEO’s sales strategy as well. A predictable sales model will generate a consistent stream of qualified prospects, providing the thrust for your sales program. Each PEO should identify metrics that reveal its target client type, product offering value, and sales team effectiveness, and analyze them to arrive at its own model.

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Risk Management

Sales and Risk Management

An old business maxim says, “Nothing happens until there’s a sale.” Astute business leaders recognize the value of productive sales professionals. Successful business leaders recognize the value of sales professionals that produce profitable business.


The Best Selling Point of Healthcare Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is one of the most complicated pieces of legislation ever passed. For PEOs, it may be the biggest client acquisition opportunity since, well, PEOs.

Executive Office

Does Your Sales Pitch Match Your Service Reality?

The old battle between those in sales and those in service—who are charged with fulfilling the promises of those in sales—rages on, not just inside of PEOs, but in most other service businesses as well. The tension is natural.


Small Business Perspective

Would You Start Your Small Business Today? Dan Danner

A survey conducted by NFIB and the National Association of Manufacturers last year revealed a startling statistic: 55 percent of small business owners said they would not start a business today given the current economic and political environment.

Statehouse Update

NCSL Legislative Summit Presents Opportunities for PEOs Paul J. Richman

There was also an increased focus on “America’s heroes,” our nation’s veterans, especially the more than 1 million who over the next five years will be separating from the military and returning to the civilian workforce.

PEO Index

PEO Employment Index Correlating with GDP John Slavic

The PEO Employment Index has continued to track well above the unemployment rate and is correlating more specifically with the GDP.

PEO Spotlight

Landing in the Positively Right Place Stephanie Oetjen

Would you believe that at age 28, Jim Annis was the president of a manufacturing company in Carson City, Nevada, that made cryogenically tested fasteners for the north slope Alaska project, aka the pipeline?

NAPEO Advisor

Posting Requirement, At-Will Employment, OSHA and the PPACA William J. Schilling, Esq.

Q. Whatever happened to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requirement that basically all employers post a notice concerning employee rights to organize?

NAPEO Notebook

Come and Take It Patrick J. Cleary

At the Texas Leadership Council meeting in Austin last month, I was holding up a copy of NAPEO’s 2013 Annual Conference and Marketplace brochure, touting the great lineup and urging folks to attend.

The Inside Word

An Engaging Year Dale Hageman 2013 NAPEO Chairperson President Accord Human Resources A TriNet Company Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as your NAPEO chairman this past year, as we worked together in pursuit of our common goals. As my term comes to a close, I look back on the past year and am very proud of all we have accomplished as an organization and an industry.

Global Insights

Giving Startups a Leg Up Thomas J. Donohue

Businesses of every kind and capacity are essential to a growing economy and prosperous society. Today, startups and entrepreneurs make up one of the most rapidly developing and dynamic segments in business.

Employment Law

Commissions, Covenants Not to Compete, Critical Information, and Computers Michael P. Elkon, Esq.

As with businesses in most industries, PEOs often rise and fall based on the success of their salespeople. This unique breed of employee has the gift of gab, the ability to forget failures almost immediately, and a natural impulse to always push for more.

Capitol Comment

Immigration Reform, E-Verify, and PEOs Thom Stohler

At the end of May, immigration reform legislation appeared to be heading towards enactment. The Senate passed bipartisan legislation (S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act), making significant changes to the immigration system.

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