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PEO Insider Editorial Calendar

PEO Insider Editorial Calendar

2017 PEO Insider Feature Calendar


February | Operations and Technology

Adapting to the Business and Workforce Transformation

Ads Close: December 15, 2016

Materials Due: December 23, 2016


March | Inside the PEO

Developing Strategic Goals

Ads Close: January 13, 2017

Materials Due: January 27


April | Finance and Profitability

Reinvesting for Growth

Pre-PEO Capitol Summit Issue

500 Bonus Copies Mailed

Ads Close: February 13

Materials Due: February 24


May | The Legal and Regulatory Issue

The State and Federal Climate for PEOs

PEO Capitol Summit Issue

300 Bonus Copies Onsite

Ads Close: March 14

Materials Due: March 28


June/July | Longevity

Principles for Long-Term Success

Ads Close: April 14

Materials Due: April 28


August | Sales and Marketing

Focusing on the Available Market

Pre-NAPEO Annual Conference & Marketplace Issue

500 Bonus Copies Mailed

Ads Close: June 15

Materials Due: June 29


September | The PEO Life Cycle

Goals at Different Phases

NAPEO Annual Conference & Marketplace Issue

700 Bonus Copies Onsite

Ads Close: July 14

Materials Due: July 28


October | Healthcare

Regulatory and Compliance Update

Ads Close: August 15

Materials Due: August 29


November | End of Year

Wrapping Up, and Gearing Up for Next Year

Ads Close: September 15

Materials Due: September 29


December/January | PEO Confab

Our Annual Leadership Discussion

Ads Close: October 13

Materials Due: October 27


Topics subject to change